Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgeon and Ophthalmologist

Your face is continuously on display, for all to see. And your eyes are the window to your soul. When choosing a surgeon for cosmetic eyelid and face surgery, it is important to consider the physician’s training. Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgery (also known as Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery or Oculoplastic Surgery) is a specialized field with a total of 6 years in the training of the eyes and eyelids which is the most eyelid training than any other type of cosmetic surgeon. An Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgeon has spent 4 years in the training of eyes and eyelids gaining certification as an ophthalmologist and then spends 2 more years in Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgery fellowship in the training of the eyelids and face.

True Eyelid Expert

Combining knowledge of how to manage the delicate eye with detailed plastic surgery knowledge for the eyelids, an Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgeon offers the very best experience to ensure the safest and most cosmetically appealing results after surgery. When you consult with an Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgeon, you a consulting with a true eyelid expert. Why trust your eyes to anyone else?